Networking, marketing, thought leadership, event delivery, product development, social media, relationship management and more – a life coach business demands a myriad of skills and abilities akin to the personified swiss army knife.

Oh, and you should to be brilliant at them all too, right?

But here’s the thing.

Being good at everything is a fantasy that will torture you forever unless you let it go and learn to delegate.

No matter how good you are, or how hard you work, the abject truth is that you’ll never be a master at everything, even with a ton of extra hours, targeted training and considerable effort.

Many pay a serious price for trying to be all-encompassing, whether it’s sustained levels of high stress, a secret but persistent fear that you aren’t good enough. 

But that’s just the job right?

These expectations are sky high and the pressure is palpable. The onus is on repeatedly proving your worth and earning your keep. You feel like you are required to use the full gamut of tactics to deliver a jam-packed and converted pipeline of new clients, ad infinitum.

But what if there was a way to change things that delivered better results?

The good news is, there is. But it involves doing something unintuitive – having you focus everything you’ve got on harnessing your strengths rather than trying to tick the box on every competency across the new business spectrum.  

It means having you give up the quest to be great at everything that needs to be done and simply do what you are good at, while pulling in support from others to make a contribution where they have a natural ability.

Rather than risking exposure and failure, which are the usual fears with this idea, in my experience, it has completely the opposite effect if it’s done consciously and committedly.

Picture this:

If you are a natural networker, but not so hot at content creation, which of the two are you likely to enjoy the most and get a result from?

If you give equal weighting to both activities, you limit your potential results because you aren’t devoting your time to what you do best.

If you give more time to the content piece because it requires considered effort, it’s likely to take much longer to deliver results, if it delivers them at all.

But if you focus your energy on networking and enlist the help of a content hotshot to support on that component, you’ve probably just increased your success stakes considerably.

From a personal point of view…

By understanding, developing and singularly applying your natural talents to the job every single day, two things happen. Firstly, you’re going to love it and be highly motivated because it feels intuitive, easy and like you’re pushing on an open door. Secondly, you’re much more likely to be successful for the same reasons.

From the perspective of an enlightened solopreneur, everybody wins. You, your clients, your contractors, and your loved ones. With everyone doing a lot of what they do well as part of an integrated team, the success rate inevitably increases.

The plain fact is, when you focus your efforts on your personal strengths, you are much more likely to excel in your career and find lasting satisfaction. 

It’s an under-utilized win-win that maximizes profitability, stability, and results for everybody involved.